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What are Pisces like?
I might be wrong but this is what I feel about myself and people I have come across.

Some of the traits of Pisces are:-

Pisces often walk away when having an argument.

Pisces absorbs the energy around them. Whatever you are feeling, they will also feel.

Unfortunately, due to Pisces caring nature, they tend to get mistreated the most out of the Zodiac.
Pisces are shy, dreamy, nervous and feisty.

If a Pisces falls out of love, they will move on. Maybe not to someone else but they will not stay in a relationship for sake of it.
Pisces want their dreams to come true and their fantasy to become reality.

Pisces can have a large group of friends but may only feel a strong connection to a select few.

Pisces will share nearly everything in their world if the care for you.

Pisces can push beyond their limitations and grow into amazing people.
Sometimes Pisces emotions are so deep and so powerful words cannot express them.

Pisces have a natural ability to bring out the true you.
Pisces love their friends and will cross oceans to help and spend time with the people they cherish.

Don’t be fooled by a Pisces. They may seem naive but they are great thinkers, extremely creative, driven and make great leaders!

Pisces always tend to be in a long term relationship.
Pisces can keep a straight face while making up a complete bullshit story. I mean it.

Pisces will take a lot of mistreatment, but they have a breaking point. Push them to it you will watch your fish swim away never to return.

Pisces can be a lot to handle in a relationship emotionally but their love is worth it.
Pisces tend to be the more matured signs when it comes to relationships.

Pisces have a soft spot for childish stuff, but that don’t mean they are childish.

Pisces has the strongest gut feelings amongst the other signs.
Pisces have a sixth sense when it comes to their loved ones. They feel when they’re hurt & need someone.
Pisces love to look into people’s eyes, it’s their way of looking into their soul.
No matter how much wrong you do to a Pisces somehow they still find the good in you.
Pisces are strong fighters, even though they seem weak and dependable, they are inner superheroes.
Pisces do not get angry, they get cold.
The list goes on and on. One thing is for sure that you won’t regret having a pisces in your life. Be it a friend, partner or a stranger.

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